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Name: Chief Placido                                                                 
Born: 1780                                                                           
Died: 1862                                                                           
Placido (born c. late 1780s early 1790s- died 1862) was a Native American War       
Chief and Head Chief of the Tonkawa Indians. Placido was the major chief of the     
Tonkawa Indians in Texas during Spanish rule, Mexican rule, the Republic of         
Texas, and finally, the United States. His rule of his tribe stretched from the     
early and mid 19th Century.                                                         
A friend of Stephen F. Austin, he assisted him first against the Mexicans, and       
then against his traditional enemies, the Comanche. He is famous for his stands     
with the Rangers at the Battle of Plum Creek and 18 years later, at the Battle       
of Little Robe Creek. Forgotten by the people he had sacrificed so much to           
protect, Placido and over half his tribe were slaughtered, or died fleeing back     
to Texas, by a coalition of Plains Tribes on the Reservation in 1862. He was the     
last Major Chief of the Tonkawa.