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Abdul Qadeer Khan was born into a modest family in Bhopal, India, in 1935.
He migrated to Pakistan in 1952, following the country’s partition from India five years earlier.
He graduated from the University of Karachi before moving to Europe for further studies in West Germany and Belgium.
In the 1970s, he took a job at a uranium enrichment plant run by the British-Dutch-German consortium Urenco.


1976,Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto announces to build "Islamic Bomb", a bomb for defense of all Islamic Countries.


Khan who is in Holland called by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to start nuclear program.


Khan leaves his highly paid  job at a Top Dutch Nuclear firm.


Brings knowledge of Enrichment of uranium.


Starts the A-Bomb Plane.


Threatened for his life by CIA, MOSAD(Israeli intellegence agency) and RAW(Indian Intellegence Agency).


Continues the program with very very high  secrecy and security.


Program is so secret that even CIA failed to get details on Nuclear Activities.


In 1983 Khan was sentenced in absentia for trying to steal enrichment secrets from the Netherlands. He denies the charges, and his conviction was overturned in 1986.


1984,Qadeer successfully builds Atomic bomb.


May 1998,Pakistan tests it’s nuclear Bombs, very next day Pakistan explodes 5 nuclear Bombs.