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Ustad Mushtaq Ali Khan , a resident of Rampur ,was exellent in Khayall singing. He used to sing Khayaal in a very disciplined mannar and it used to be very emotional. But he never let emotions dominate his well-organised singing. His songs were a reflection of his character and literary feelings.


Ustad Mushtaq Hussain Khan said that to get self-respect and the pride of singing, a singer should have feelings like self discipline and self-sacrifice, Similarly, he said a self reliant singer is always an emotional man to the core and encroachment of emotions in music is entirely wrong. He always used to sing his songs based on popular ragas.


Born in 1880, he was very fortunate that he was taught by a knowledgeable teacher like Inayat Khan. In 1924-25, he participated in the All India Musical Conference. He also worked at the India Art Centre.