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An internationally recognized dancer and choreographer whose reputation for innovation is unmatched. Mrinalini Sarabhai is trained in Pandnallur tradition by Sri Meenakshi Sundaram Pillai. She has retained the purity of Bharatnatyam and yet invested it with her creativity. The her guru for Mohiniattam, and Asan Kunja Kurup was her guru for Kathakali.


In 1949, Mrinalini Sarabhai founded ‘Darpana’, an academy of dance, drama, music and puppetry in Ahmedabad. Today, Darpana is a center committed to the contemporary symbiosis of art and life. She has traveled extensively with her troupe and has received numerous awards in recognition of her artistic excellence, Sarabhai is a director as well as an author of scholarly books, novels and children’s books. Her extraordinary vision to encompass new ideas into traditional forms has been her great contribution to the dance world.