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The famous singer and Rudra Veena player, Moula bux was the master of Hindustani and Carnatic classical music. He was the man who prepared a list of alphabets to impart knowledge of Hindustani classical music.


Moula Bux was born in 1833 at Bhivani in the family of a Jagirdar. Initially, he was very fond of wrestling and dueling. But on the advice of an unknown beggar he vowed to learn music . then he went to meet the learned singer Ghasit Khan. But he could not succeed in his mission. Then Moula Bux used to listen songs of his Guru by standing never the wall of his house. After sometime , Moula bux, by dint of his hard labour and dedication,learnt allthe music which he had listened from Ghasit Khan. When this was disclosed to Ghasit Khan, he accepted Moula Bux as his disciple.


Later he was appointed as a musician in the court of Mysore. In Barada he founded a sangeet academy. He died on July 10, 18 96.