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Dr. Kamala Das (Madhavikutty) the internationally renowned poet, short story writer  and novelist was born in 1932 at Punnayoorkulam in Kerala. She is one of the very few  writers from Kerala who writes effortlessly
  both in English and Malayalam, yet maintaining high standards in both. One of the most influential feminist writers of our times, her language exhibits liveliness and imaginative suggestions.


She started writing in Malayalam under the pen name, Madhavikutty as early as in the 50’s. But she became famous in the Malayalam literary world with her work ‘Ente Katha’ (My Story), which is said to be her real life story. ‘Ente Katha’ was translated to more than 15 Foreign Languages. She is a very open and self-righteous women and portrays human emotion, love and lust in her works.  Her works have an originality in their content and style.


She has received many awards for her literary contribution. Some of them are; Asian Poetry Prize for her work ‘The Sirens’, Kent Award for English Writing from Asian Countries for ‘Summer in Calcutta’, Asan World Prize, Sahitya Academy Award for ‘Collected Poems’ in English, Vayalar Rama Varma Sahitya Award, Kerala Sahitya Academy Award for best short story “Thanuppu". She has also held coveted positions as Vice chair person in Kerala Sahitya academy, chairperson in Kerala forestry Board and worked as editors in Poet magazine and Illustrated Weekly of India.


Often criticized for her openness and her reluctance to live according to the societies norms, the latest controversy is her recent conversion to Islam. Her new name is Dr. Kamala Suraiyya. She has also established a political party of her own named Lok Seva Charitable Trust, to concentrate on humanitarian work as well as to provide asylum to orphaned mothers.