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The contribution of Bade Gulam Ali Khan in popularizing the Hingdustan Classical music amongst the common man was invaluable. He had a very sweet voice which used to sing sweet ragas. His favorite ragas were Malkaush, Darbari, Kanbara kedar, Bageshwari, Bhairavi, Vhog, etc. But his most favorite Thumri and Bhajan.


Dade Gulam Ali Khan was born on April 2, 1903, in Lahore in a prestigious family of singers. A t the age of seven he became a disciple of his uncle Kale Khan and learnt music till the age of 16. He was a Pathan and belonged to ‘Kasoor Gharana’.


In 1922 he gave his first public performance to welcome the British prince. In 1925, he participated in the Musical conference together with his father. From then onwards he became a leading musician of that time. In 1939, his performance in the All India Musician Conference was well appreciated throughout India. In 1945, he sang twice before Mahatma Gandhi. He died on April 23, 1968,at the age of 65 in Hyderabad.