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Okakura, Kakuzo (1863 AD-1913 AD),                                                   
Art critic who had great influence upon modern Japanese art. He worked under the     
pseudonym, Okakura Tenshin. He graduated from Tokyo Imperial University. He         
became the preeminent voice in defending Japan?s traditional art forms against       
modernization and westernization of the early Meiji Restoration. Under his           
influence Okakura worked toward motivating the Japanese people to appreciate         
their own cultural heritage. He was one of the principle founders of the Tokyo       
Fine Arts School. Later he became its head. He and Fenollosa, an American art       
critic and painter, intentionally omitted Western painting and sculpture from       
the new school's curriculum. Okakura became curator of the Oriental art division     
of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Many of his works: The Ideals of the East (1903), 
The Awakening of Japan (1904), and The Book of Tea (1906), were written in