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Name: Maria Martinez                                                             
Born: 1887                                                                       
Died: 1980                                                                       
Maria Martinez (1887 - 1980) was a Native American artist who created           
internationally known pottery. Martinez (born Maria Antonia Montoya), her       
husband Julian, and other family members examined traditional Pueblo pottery     
styles and techniques to create pieces which reflect the Pueblo people’s legacy
of fine artwork and crafts.                                                     
Maria was from the San Ildefonso Pueblo, a community located 20 miles northwest 
of Santa Fe, New Mexico. At an early age, she learned pottery skills from her   
aunt. During this time, Spanish tinware and Anglo enamelware had become readily 
available in the Southwest, making the creation of traditional cooking and       
serving pots less necessary. The art of traditional pottery making was in       
jeopardy of extinction. Fortunately, Maria continued her interest in the fine   
art, and experimented with different techniques.