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Name: Angel Carter                                                                       
Born: 7 December 1987                                                                   
Angel Charisma Carter (born December 7, 1987 in Tampa, Florida) is an American           
fashion model who is also famous for being the sister of Backstreet Boys member         
Nick Carter and of Aaron Carter.                                                         
Angel and Aaron are twins; she was born one minute before him. Aside from her           
brothers, Nick and Aaron, she also has two sisters: BJ and Leslie (singer). She         
also has an older half-sister named Ginger, from her father's first marriage.           
Carter's parents were divorced in 2003 and her father remarried Ginger Elrod on         
April 1, 2004. On June 7, 2005, she welcomed the birth of her half-brother,             
Kanden Brent Carter, from her father's new marriage; she also has a younger step-sister 
called Taelyn by her father's new wife.                                                 
Angel is currently in an all female trio called TKO (Total Knock Outs). The             
other two members are Cameron and Jana.                                                 
Angel has had more success as a model, appearing in some television commercials         
and programs. In 2002, she attended the Columbia Gorge School of Theatre summer         
camp where she participated in the 7 week program focusing on acting (Sanford           
Meisner method), singing and dance, where her acting teacher and director was           
Jesse Merz.                                                                             
Angel is said to have had an interest in her brother's bandmate, Brian Littrell.         
She has never affirmed nor denied these rumors. However, she and Littrell were           
never involved romantically. Carter has told various magazines and newspapers,           
however, that she is preparing for what she hopes will be a prosperous singing           
career as an adult.