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        Edward Lloyd was born at Thornton Heath, Surrey on 16th February, 1815.   
        While still a young man, Lloyd opened a shop in Shoreditch selling books   
        and newspapers. Gradually, Lloyd began publishing his own pamphlets such   
        as the Pickwickian Songster and the Ethiopian Song Book.                   
        In 1842 he started producing Lloyd's Penny Weekly Miscellany. This was a   
        great success and later that year he brought out Lloyd's Illustrated       
        London Newspaper, a rival to the extremely popular, Illustrated London     
        In April 1852, Lloyd appointed the talented journalist, Douglas Jerrold   
        as editor. The following year circulation had reached 90,000. In 1857     
        Blanchard Jerrold replaced his father as editor of Lloyd's Weekly.         
        Lloyd also established a large paper manufacturing business in             
        Sittingbourne in Kent. In 1876 Lloyd purchased the Daily Chronicle for     
        30,000 and turned it into London's first daily newspaper. Edward Lloyd   
        died very wealthy on 8th April, 1890.