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      Collins, Edward Knight (18021878)                                   
      US shipowner. In 1847, he formed the US Mail Steamship Company to   
      compete with the British Cunard steamships. His first ship was       
      launched in 1850. However, after two of the ships sank in 1854 and   
      1856, Congress decided to cancel the subsidy it had provided, and he 
      sold his remaining three ships in 1858.                             
      He was born in Truro, Massachusetts. Moving to New York City, he     
      worked in the shipping business from the age of 15. In 1831 he took 
      over and improved lines that shipped to Vera Cruz and New Orleans.   
      In 1836 he launched his transatlantic Dramatic Line of sailing       
      ships. His wife, son, and daughter drowned in an accident on his     
      steamship Artic. He later had coal and iron interests in Ohio.