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Name: Molly Kathleen Ringwald                                                               
Born: 18 February 1968 Roseville, California, U.S.                                         
Molly Kathleen Ringwald (born February 18, 1968) is an American actress, singer,           
and dancer. She became popular with teenage audiences in the 1980s, as a result             
of her starring roles in the John Hughes movies Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast             
Club and Pretty in Pink.                                                                   
Ringwald was born outside Sacramento, California in Roseville, the daughter of             
Adele Edith (née Frembd), a housewife and chef, and Robert Scott "Bob" Ringwald,           
a blind jazz pianist. Ringwald has two siblings, Elizabeth and Kelly. She                   
started her acting career at age 5, starring in a stage production of Alice in             
Wonderland as the dormouse. By the time she was 6 years old, she had recorded I             
Wanna Be Loved by You, a music album of Dixieland jazz with her father and his             
group, the Fulton Street Jazz Band; this album has become highly collectible.               
She attended Bella Vista High School.                                                       
As an actress, Ringwald appeared in numerous local TV commercials and stage                 
plays before landing a guest spot on The New Mickey Mouse Club. In 1978, at the             
age of 10, she was chosen to play Kate in the movie Annie. She later took over             
the role of Pepper, the toughest orphan, in the broadway musical Annie. In 1979,           
Ringwald appeared in one episode of the television series Diff'rent Strokes and             
was selected to become a cast member of the spin-off The Facts of Life. Molly               
played "Molly Parker," a perky, fun-loving student at Eastland Girls School.               
Although essentially a supporting role, one entire episode, "Molly's Holiday"               
revolved around her character dealing with the effects of her parents' divorce.             
After the first thirteen episodes, the producers restructured the show to be               
more like the popular film Little Darlings, so Ringwald and                                 
three other girls were written out of the series in 1980. However, she made a               
final guest appearance at the start of the second season.                                   
In 1980, Ringwald performed as a lead vocalist on two Disney albums. On the                 
patriotic album Yankee Doodle Mickey, Ringwald sang "This Is My Country" and "The           
Star-Spangled Banner". She later performed one track on a Christmas album.                 
Turning toward motion pictures, she found her breakout role in Sixteen Candles (1984).     
Molly Ringwald was a member of the so-called Brat Pack of 1980s teen actors. The           
term was first coined in 1985, after Ringwald's night out with a reporter for               
New York Magazine. The reporter later published a article designating her and               
fellow actors Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Andrew                   
McCarthy, Demi Moore, Mare Winningham, and Anthony Michael Hall as the "Brat               
Though she played a high school "princess" in her biggest hit, 1985's The                   
Breakfast Club, Ringwald specialized in portrayals of moody, awkward, brainy,               
angst-filled characters. Her performances greatly influenced teen-oriented                 
television and movies that would follow in the 1990s, as previous films with               
teenage subjects were mostly of the horror or exploitation comedy genres, and               
did not attempt to realistically portray teenage life. Among Ringwald's movies             
are Fresh Horses, The Pick-up Artist and Pretty in Pink. During the mid- to late-1980s,     
when Ringwald was Hollywood's top female teen, she appeared on countless covers             
of such publications as Tiger Beat and Teen.                                               
Her career slowed down in the 1990s, as she appeared mainly in made-for-TV and             
direct-to-video B-horror films. Ringwald reportedly turned down the leading role           
of Julia Roberts' part in the 1990 box office smash Pretty Woman and also Demi             
Moore's leading role in the film Ghost. She has stated many                                 
times that she regrets turning down those roles, and she has                               
given various reasons as to why she did so. In 1995, her nude appearance in the             
film Malicious made some media waves due to her previous archetypical 'good girl'           
movie roles. Her 1996 return to television, starring on the ABC sitcom Townies,             
was critically praised, but low viewer ratings resulted in the show's                       
cancellation after nine episodes.                                                           
During the 1990s, Ringwald lived in France for four years and appeared in French-language   
films. She performed on Broadway before moving to England to perform in stage               
plays in London. She also starred with Lara Flynn Boyle and Teri Hatcher in the             
1998 made-for-television movie Since You've Been Gone. In 2000, she appeared in             
an episode of Showtime's The Outer Limits.                                                 
Ringwald appeared in Not Another Teen Movie, a parody/tribute film of many teen             
films, including some in which she had starred. In late 2004, she starred in the           
play Modern Orthodox on Broadway, opposite Jason Biggs and Craig Bierko.                   
Ringwald recently appeared in an episode of the TV series Medium in the episode             
"The Darkness is Light Enough", as a blind woman.                                           
In the fall of 2006, Ringwald appeared in Cabaret and Enchanted April on stage,             
and in the fall and winter of 2006 she starred as Charity Hope Valentine in the             
national tour of the Broadway revival of the musical Sweet Charity which starred           
Christina Applegate. However, her performance in the role was not well                     
received, and in June 2007, the role was taken over by Paige Davis.