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Name: Mary Frances Crosby                                                             
Born: 14 September 1959                                                               
Mary Frances Crosby (born 14 September 1959) is an American actress. She is most     
often credited as simply Mary Crosby for her performances.                           
She was born in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of the singer and       
actor Bing Crosby, from his second marriage to the actress Kathryn Grant. She         
graduated from high school at 15. She then entered the University of Texas at         
Austin where she became a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, but dropped out       
of the University before graduating. She is fluent in Spanish.                       
Aunt of Denise Crosby and L.Chip Crosby Jr                                           
Cousin of Cathy Crosby and Chris Crosby                                               
Niece of the bandleader Bob Crosby and the agent Larry Crosby                         
Sister of Harry Crosby and Nathaniel Crosby                                           
Half-sister of Gary, Dennis, Phillip and Lindsay Crosby                               
She has been twice married:                                                           
1) Eb Lottimer (1978- divorced)                                                       
2) Mark Brodka (1998 - present); two children (born 2000 and 2002)                   
Crosby may be best remembered for her role as Kristin Shepard (Sue Ellen Ewing's     
scheming sister) on the TV series Dallas from 1979 to 1981. Her character is         
best remembered for her role in the cliffhanger ending of the 1979-1980 season       
of Dallas. In that highly watched episode, J.R. Ewing, (played by Larry Hagman)       
was shot by an unknown assailant. Viewers had to wait all summer (and most of         
the fall due to a Hollywood actors' strike) to learn whether J.R. would survive,     
and which of his many enemies was responsible. During the summer of 1980, the         
question, "Who shot J.R.?", was being asked in everyday conversations around the     
world. Ultimately, Kristin Shepard (Crosby) was revealed to have been the person     
who pulled the trigger in the classic "Who Done It?" episode that aired on           
November 21, 1980. It was one of the highest-rated episodes of a TV show ever         
Crosby's character, Kristin Shepard, later crossed over to the TV series Knots       
Landing in the 1980-81 season, and returned to Dallas in 1981, where she was         
found drowned in the Southfork Ranch swimming pool.