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Name: Judge Reinhold.                                                                   
Birth name: Edward Ernest Reinhold, Jr.                                                 
Born: 21 May 1957 Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.                                             
Judge Reinhold (born May 21, 1957) is an American actor, perhaps best known for         
co-starring in movies such as Beverly Hills Cop, Fast Times at Ridgemont High,           
and The Santa Clause.                                                                   
Reinhold was born Edward Ernest Reinhold, Jr. in Wilmington, Delaware, the son           
of Regina and Edward Ernest Reinhold, who was a trial lawyer. His nickname, "Judge",     
was given to him when he was young by his father. He was raised in                       
Fredericksburg, Virginia until his family moved to West Palm Beach, Florida             
prior to his junior year in high school. He did not care for West Palm, so he           
moved to Stuart, Florida. He lived alone; his father paid the rent so long as           
Reinhold maintained sufficient grades at Martin County High School, where he             
attended his junior and senior years.                                                   
After his education at Mary Washington College and then the North Carolina               
School of the Arts, he performed at various regional theatres, including Burt           
Reynolds's Dinner Theater in Jupiter, Florida. His first break on TV was in an           
ABC After School Special: A Step Too Slow.                                               
Reinhold's first major film role was as high school senior Brad Hamilton in Fast         
Times at Ridgemont High. He later played Detective Billy Rosewood, the nice-guy         
junior police detective sent to trail Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop (1984).         
He has reprised this role in the two sequels. In 1986, he starred in Ruthless           
People, once again cast in a part requiring qualities of decency and                     
He has now made more than 75 films. He appeared in two widely released films,           
Beverly Hills Cop III and The Santa Clause, in 1994. He has reprised the role of         
Dr. Neil Miller for the Santa Clause sequels as well. Reinhold appeared as               
himself on two episodes of the third season of Arrested Development, headlining         
a fictional show called Mock Trial with J. Reinhold. The show was originally             
called Judge Reinhold, but the character, whom Reinhold portrayed as a self-spoof,       
didn't seem to understand the play on words and insisted on the name change.             
Reinhold had previously played himself as a judge on an episode of Clerks: The           
Animated Series.                                                                         
Reinhold was also nominated for an Emmy for his very memorable role on Seinfeld         
in which he played the infamous "close talker" who developed an obsession with           
Jerry's parents. In a 2004 episode of Monk he had played environmentalist Alby