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Vera Brittain, poet and novelist, was born in Newcastle, England. Her father was             
Thomas Brittain, and her mother was Edith Bervan. She was educated at St. Monica's           
School and Somerville College in Oxford. She left school to serve as a Voluntary             
Aid Detachment nurse during World War I. Following the war she worked briefly as             
a teacher before devoting her time to writing. She became a pacifist and was                 
involved with the Peace Pledge Union and served as vice-president of the                     
national Peace Council.                                                                       
Brittain published her first novel, THE DARK TIDE, when she was 30. The novel's               
feminist theme was met with protests in 1920s England. Her diaries were                       
published posthumously in 1981 under the title CHRONICLE OF YOUTH.                           
Vera Brittain died in London, England in 1970.