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Name: Roy Bedichek                                                               
Born: June 27, 1878                                                               
Died: May 21, 1959                                                               
Roy Bedichek (June 27, 1878 - May 21, 1959) was a Texan writer, naturalist and   
Roy Bedichek was born on June 27, 1878 in Cass County, Illinois to parents James 
Madison Bedichek and Lucretia Ellen Craven. The family relocated to Falls County, 
Texas in 1884. Bedichek attended country schools and the Bedichek Academy,       
founded by his father in Eddy, Texas. He enrolled at the University of Texas at   
Austin in February 1898. He received his B.S. in 1903. Later in 1925, after       
returning as an employee of the University system, he earned his M.A.