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The Australian pianist and composer Percy Grainger, an eccentric figure, may           
seem of marginal importance. Nevertheless he wrote a number of works that             
continue to give considerable pleasure, as do some of the remarkable                   
arrangements that he devised. He became a friend of Grieg and of Delius and took       
a strong interest in the active collection of folk-songs. He gave particular           
attention to the creation of music not bound by the traditional restraints of         
form and harmony. In 1918 he became an American citizen.                               
Instrumental Music                                                                     
Grainger's original instrumental music includes the delightful Handel in the           
Strand, intended for piano trio, piano quartet or string orchestra, and Mock           
Morris, for either string sextet or violin and piano, or again in arrangements         
for string or full orchestra. Harvest Hymn appears in various chamber or               
orchestral arrangements, while Walking Tune remains in its original wind quintet       
form. Folk-song arrangements for various groups of instruments, sometimes             
idiosyncratically described as with elastic scoring, include Early One Morning,       
Green Bushes, Molly on the Shore, Ye Banks and Braes and Shepherd's Hey. Some of       
these were also arranged for large wind ensemble.                                     
Vocal Music                                                                           
Grainger wrote some original songs and choral music as well as solo and choral         
arrangements of folk-songs. These include the Irish Tune from County Derry, also       
arranged for wind band, Brigg Fair for tenor and chorus and The Men of Harlech         
for double chorus and drums.