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Name: Matt Christopher                                                               
Born: 16 August 1917                                                                 
Died: 20 September 1997                                                             
Matt Christopher (August 16, 1917 - September 20, 1997) was a popular author of     
children's books, born in Bath, Pennsylvania, the oldest of nine children. He       
was a prolific author, writing more than one hundred books, mostly children's       
novels centered around sports. Christopher was an athlete as a child and turned     
to writing as a career when his first short story "The Missing Finger Points,"       
was published in a detective story magazine. His first full-length novel was The     
Lucky Baseball Bat, published in 1954. When Christopher was in his thirties and     
forties, he played semiprofessional baseball in a Canadian league. He lived in       
Rock Hill, South Carolina. Christopher's best works are considered to be Wild       
Pitch, The Kid Who Only Hit Homers and Tough to Tackle. Though Christopher wrote     
about many sports, his most common subject was baseball.