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Full Name: Mr. Lafayette Ronald Hubbard           
Date of Birth: March 13, 1911                     
Place of Birth: Tilden, Nebraska, USA             
Died: January 24, 1986                             
Place of Death: San Luis Obispo, California, USA   
Regarded as the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard wrote several books in     
different genres before he worked on his self-proclaimed greatest work in         
Dianetics. In his writings, he believed that man should use religion as a way to   
understand and overcome the imprisonment of the human condition. His Church of     
Scientology was founded in the 1950s.                                             
As a young student, L. Ron attended George Washington University in D.C. While     
he didn?t complete his studies, he did pursue his dream of being a writer and     
became quite successful. His imagination gave him the chance to contribute to     
various publications, including the famed pulp magazines (or short fiction         
publications) of the day. He admired exploration and became a member of the       
Explorer?s Club, where he worked his way to the Master of Sail Vessels.           
In 1948, just after his time in Australia in the U.S. Navy, Hubbard published     
The OriginalThesis, which is considered the scriptures, or founding documents,     
of his later announced church. He came up with the idea that the human spirit     
stored engrams that fed the survival instincts of humankind. He believed that     
through a system of one-on-one counseling with an ?auditor? of the church, an     
individual would begin revealing their true emotional state, as indicated by an   
?e-meter,? which was used to measure an electric current in the individual.       
The process of ?exteriorization? would help the individual match the goals of     
their spiritual self, referred to as the ?thetan?. In beliefs slightly related     
to reincarnation, he believed that these spirits were bred billions of years ago   
and were the ?Cause? of the universe. The final goal of church members is to       
understand their spiritual energy and the conflicts it has with the internal       
energy of engrams.                                                                 
Church members are free to postulate about God, as God is a part of nature and     
can never be fully comprehended. The church believes and follows the teachings     
of the Supreme Being, and works towards joining him as a part of the free energy   
of the universe. The church, however, does not focus upon God, but helps           
individuals free themselves so that they can understand him better or obtain       
what is called ?Clear?. The Church of Scientology, which still looks to L. Ron     
Hubbard as their prophet, operates much like any church and has missions around   
the world. The Church?s headquarters are now located in Clearwater, Florida, USA. 
Throughout the years, the Church has seen its own problems, namely from           
organizations and governments who believe they are practicing a type of ?medicine? 
without a license and are not required to pay taxes. Internationally, they         
operate in nearly 160 countries.