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Name: Judy Blume                                                                               
Born: 2/12/1938                                                                                 
Birthplace: Elizabeth, New Jersey                                                               
In 1996, Judy Blume received the MAE award. Only one book was cited Forever.                   
Judy was born in Elizabeth, New Jersey in a home filled with books. She writes,                 
?And, yet, like most children, I sometimes felt alone. We didn't talk about                     
problems in our family. We kept our feelings to ourselves?I had a lot of                       
questions but I was afraid to ask them. I was curious about sex but no one gave                 
me any information.?                                                                           
Among her best-loved works are Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret (1970),                   
Freckle Juice (1971), Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (1972), Blubber (1974), and Forever (1975)
Because Judy writes about issues that are important to young adults, her books                 
have been widely censored. She supports groups and individuals who defend                       
American citizens constitutional right to freedom of speech.