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Amado, Jorge(Jorge Amado de Faria)   
Born: 1912 AD                       
Died: 2001 AD, at 88 years of age.   
Nationality: Brazilian               
Categories: Writers                 
1912 - Born on August 10th in Ferradas, near Ilhéus, Brazil. Brazilian novelist       
whose stories of life in the Brazilian northeast won international acclaim.           
- Amado grew up on a cacao plantation, Auricídia, and was educated at the Jesuit       
college in Salvador and studied law at Federal University in Rio de Janeiro.           
1930 - Amado became a journalist                                                       
1931 - He published his first novel, The Land of Carnaval, was published at age       
1933 - He married Matilde Garcia Rosa and they had a daughter named Lila.             
- Published his second novel, Cacau.                                                   
1935 - Graduated from the National Law School in Rio de Janeiro.                       
1941 - He was imprisoned and periodically exiled for his leftist activities, and       
many of his books were banned in Brazil and Portugal.                                 
1942 - The best of these works, Terras do sem fim (The Violent Land), about the       
struggle of rival planters, has the primitive grandeur of a folk saga.                 
1945 - Married his second wife, Zélia Gattai.                                         
1946 - His literary career paralleled a career in radical politics that won him       
election to the Constituent Assembly as a federal deputy representing the             
Communist Party of Brazil.                                                             
1955 - Gave up his political militancy after returning to Brazil, although he         
did not leave the Communist Party.                                                     
1958 - He wrote his novel, "Gabriella, Clove and Cinnamon".                           
1961 - He was elected to chair number 23 of the Brazilian Academy of Letters,         
whose patron is José de Alencar.                                                       
1966 - 'Gabriela, cravo e canela' (Gabriela, Clove and Cinnamon) and 'Dona Flor       
e seus dois maridos' (Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands) both preserve Amado's           
political attitude in their satire.                                                   
1982 - He wrote the novel, "The Swallow and the Tom Cat".                             
1987 - The Jorge Amado House Foundation officially opened in Salvador, Bahia's         
Largo do Pelourinho.                                                                   
1993 - His later works include Tenda dos milagres (Tent of Miracles), Tiêta do         
agreste (Tieta, the Goat Girl), Tocaia grande (Show Down), and O Sumiço da santa       
(The War of the Saints).