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Name: Elie Wiesel                                                                   
Born: 30 September 1928 Sighet, Maramure┼č County, Romania                           
Elie Wiesel (born Eliezer Wiesel on September 30, 1928) is a Hungarian-French-Jewish 
novelist, political activist, Nobel Laureate and Holocaust survivor. He is the       
author of over 40 books, the best known of which is Night, a memoir that             
describes his experiences during the Holocaust and his imprisonment in several       
concentration camps.                                                                 
Wiesel was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986. The Norwegian Nobel Committee     
called him a "messenger to mankind," noting that through his struggle to come to     
terms with "his own personal experience of total humiliation and of the utter       
contempt for humanity shown in Hitler's death camps," as well as his "practical     
work in the cause of peace," Wiesel has delivered a powerful message "of peace,     
atonement and human dignity" to humanity.                                           
On November 30, 2006 Wiesel received an honorary knighthood in London in             
recognition of his work toward raising Holocaust education in the United Kingdom.