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Name: Anthony Joshua Shaffer                                                           
Born: May 15, 1926                                                                     
Died: November 6, 2001                                                                 
Anthony Joshua Shaffer, (May 15, 1926 - November 6, 2001), was an English             
playwright, novelist, and screenwriter. He was born in Liverpool and was the           
twin brother of the better-known Peter Shaffer. He graduated with a law degree         
from Trinity College, Cambridge University.                                           
Shaffer's most notable work is the play Sleuth (1970), which he adapted for the       
film version of the same name, and starred Sir Laurence Olivier and Michael           
Caine. He received Edgar Awards from the Mystery Writers of America for both           
versions: for Best Play in 1971, and Best Screenplay in 1973. His other major         
screenplays include the Hitchcock thriller Frenzy (1972) and the British cult         
thriller The Wicker Man (1973) with whose director Robin Hardy Shaffer had             
previously set up a television production company in the United States called 'Hardy, 
Shaffer & Associates'.