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Before finding his calling as a writer, Andre Dubus III worked for brief stints     
as a bounty hunter, private investigator, carpenter, bartender, actor, and         
teacher. His first book, The Cage Keeper and Other Stories, was published in       
1989, followed by 1993 by his first novel, Bluesman. For the next few years, he     
taught and did odd jobs as a carpenter while working on House of Sand and Fog.     
Much of that book was written in his car, which he often parked at a local         
cemetery in search of quiet and solitude. His characters were inspired by two       
people whose predicaments had stuck in his mind for years: a woman he read abut     
in the newspaper who was wrongfully evicted from her house and forced to live in   
her car, and a college friend's father, who had been a colonel in the Iranian       
air force and could only find menial jobs after fleeing to the United States.       
Dubus' work has been awarded a Pushcart Prize and the 1985 National Magazine       
Award for Fiction. It has also been cited in The One Hundred Most Distinguished     
Stories of 1993 and The Best American Short Stories of 1994. He was one of three   
finalists for the 1994 Prix de Rome given by the American Academy of Arts and       
Letters, and House of Sand and Fog was a finalist for the 1999 National Book       
Award for Fiction.                                                                 
Andre Dubus III is the son of Andre Dubus, a widely recognized master of short     
fiction who died in February 1999. He teaches in Emerson College's MFA in           
Writing program, and at Tufts University. He lives in Newburyport, Massachusetts,   
with his wife, dancer/choreographer Fontaine Dollas, and their three children.