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Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips (born May 15, 1981) is the daughter of Anne, the Princess Royal and her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips. She herself is 11th in the British Order of Succession.


Zara was educated at Port Regis Prep School and at British Salem School in Gordonstoun, Scotland. Like her mother, she is an equestrian sportswoman. Her prize horse Toytown suffered a leg injury in the winter of 2003, shattering her hopes of competing in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.


Her often stormy relationship with National Hunt jockey Richard Johnson attracted the unwelcome attention of the British paparazzi, and the couple’s split in November 2003 became front page news. Since then, she has been linked to rugby players Caleb Ralph of New Zealand and Mike Tindall of England.


Zara Phillips has an older brother, Peter Phillips, born in November 1977, and a half-sister, Stephanie, born in 1997 from her father’s second marriage.


At present, Zara only undertakes royal duties associated with her equestrian career.


Tabloid newspapers in the UK briefly dubbed her a “royal rebel"” after she had her tongue pierced.


The comic book V for Vendetta, first published in 1982 and set in a dystopian 1997, cast Zara in a throw-away line as Queen.