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Yevgeny Ivanovich Zamyatin (??????? ???????? ??????? sometimes translated into English as Eugene Zamyatin) (February 1, 1884 - March 10, 1937) was a Russian author, most famous for his novel We, a story of dystopian future. Zamyatin also wrote a number of short stories, in fairy tale form, that constituted satirical criticism of the Communist regime in Russia (e.g. a story about a city where the mayor decides that to make everyone happy he should make everyone equal.


He starts by forcing every one, himself included, to live in a big barrack, then to shave heads to be equal to the bald, and then to become mentally disabled to equate intelligence downward.) He was an early Bolshevik and later critic of the Soviet dictatorship. He was arrested during the abortive revolution of 1905.


Held as suspect by the Soviet authorities after the revolution in 1917, particularly because of his very political writings, he was eventually given permission to leave Russia by Stalin in 1931, after the intercession of Gorki. He lived in Paris from 1931-1937, where he died.