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XERXES is the primary computer system of the Starship Von Braun from the video game System Shock 2.


A second-generation Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network (or SHODAN), XERXES has had many security protocols and restrictions programmed into him after the first SHODAN went insane and took over the Citadel Space Station. His intelligence is almost as high, but has been strictly controlled to keep another “Citadel Incedent” from happening.


However, shortly after the Von Braun stops in orbit around the planet Tau Ceti V, XERXES begins to receive transmissions from the surface. In an attempt to figure out what is down there, and possibly make a couple extra credits, Capt. Anatoly Korenchkin leads an expedition down and becomes controlled by The Many. Using the knowledge of The Many, Korenchkin manages to corrupt XERXES and brings the ship under command of the Many.


The only two capable of stopping this are the main character from System Shock 2 (be it a Marine, a Navy Tech, or a Psi-Ops), and SHODAN, the psychopathic AI from the first game.


XERXES can’t really stand against SHODAN. His remaining safety protocols and decreased intelligence make him a poor match against his predecessor. However, he does have the knowledge of the Many on his side and SHODAN is forced to remain hidden until the player can take his computer core offline. XERXES, of course, does everything to stop this from happening.