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American artist and film producer, Walt Disney was born Walter Elias Disney in Chicago in 1901, and died in 1966.


    Walt Disney left home at 16 to join the Red Cross Ambulance Corps during World War I.  After service, Disney set up as a commercial artist in Kansas City.


    Walt Disney then established his own studio, producing animated cartoons.  His most famous character was Mickey Mouse, who was first seen in Plane Crazy and Steamboat Willy (1928).  Disney also provided the original voice for Mickey.


    Walt Disney was an originator.  He produced the first full-length animated movie, and invented the theme park.


    Disney’s earliest full length cartoon movies were Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Pinnochio, Dumbo and Fantasia.


    Alfred Hitchcock once remarked: “Disney has the best casting.  If he doesn’t like a character, he just tears him up.”


    In the 1950s onwards he produced heroic colour tales like Robin Hood and Treasure Island; and in 1964 Disney made Mary Poppins.


    Disney opened the first theme park, Disneyland in California in 1955.  There are now others in Florida, Tokyo and in Paris.