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Tatjana simic was born June 9, 1963. Though tatjana simic was raised in Zagreb, Croatia for the majority of her youth, she, along with her mother and sister, moved to Rotterdam, Netherlands in 1979. tatjana simic got a job working in the Sports and Recreation department at Rotterdam City Hall. But Tatjana was easily bored with the day-to-day routine of life at home, so she decided to enter a modeling contest that was held by a Dutch magazine. As was no surprise, tatjana simic won, snatching up an eight-day shoot in Spain… and life has been anything but boring since.


She worked for several major magazines in the Netherlands and was also featured in several commercials. Her first major acting job came when she appeared in the low-budget European film, Flodder, which went on to spawn two sequels. In 1987, tatjana simic turned to the music scene and released her first single, “Baby Love.” The single was followed by the top ten hit, “Chica Cubana,” and shortly thereafter she released her first, full-length album in Europe, which contained the tracks “Feel Good” and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You.” tatjana simic went to Miami in 1993 to shoot a video for “Feel Good,” which received a lot of radio play and airtime. In addition, tatjana simic appeared in the 1990 B-movie My Blue Heaven and made a video called “tatjana simic Goes [To] Miami.”


tatjana simic is considered one of Croatia’s hottest stars, and she is keeping busy with modeling and a variety of projects in Europe. tatjana simic is still breathtakingly gorgeous, but by model standards, the clock is ticking. If this Croatian beauty wants stateside recognition, she had better move fast. But let’s give credit where credit is due. Her career can hardly be dubbed a failure (in Europe, anyway), having tackled both the big and small screen, in addition to her numerous modeling jobs and modest success as a singer.


Keep in mind that tatjana simic won a modeling contest on her first try, even more proof that tatjana simic has what it takes to make it anywhere in this business. Her best asset is her ability to let her less tangible qualities shine through her photos. tatjana simic’s a mature, confident woman who is always in control, and that comes across vividly in her pictorials. Nobody doubts that Tatjana’s ability to grace billboards is like no other. tatjana simic’s got the look and feel of someone destined to be in the public eye. But for all intents and purposes, it’s been twenty years, and seeing as she has yet to make a name for herself, it’s normal that one would question whether tatjana simic really has that “it” factor.


At least she looks like someone who would be a joy to work with. She possesses a young, vibrant spunk that can make photo shoots feel like a day at the beach. There is still time to make up for her lack of worldwide star status, and since she seems to possess the right attitude, tatjana simic just needs to hang in there and not give up. You know that cliche scene where a hot blonde walks down a busy street and every guy she passes stops and stares in wonderment. Well, that’s the kind of woman tatjana simic is. The way she makes love to the camera, tantalizing us with her deep stares, makes us want to get up close and personal with this European masterpiece.


But what makes her even sexier is that tatjana simic doesn’t seem to fit the stereotypical, blonde bimbo description. tatjana simic exudes confidence - as one can see from her numerous photos - and it’s quite clear that she has plenty of willpower and determination bubbling under that pretty fašade of hers. A mature, strong woman with picture perfect genes (did we mention that we’re suckers for accents?) is about as sexy as it gets. If the name tatjana simic doesn’t ring a bell, don’t worry, you’re not alone. While tatjana simic has found success with modeling and acting in Europe, and is considered one of Croatia’s hottest stars, her American dream - if she even has one - has yet to be realized. As we all know, American pop culture is perhaps the world’s most influential, so we can safely assume that she wouldn’t mind hitting the jackpot on this side of the Atlantic. So why haven’t bigger things happened for tatjana simic yet?


Maybe, at least in the beginning, she tried to do too much, too soon. Rather than mastering one domain and moving on, she tackled modeling, acting, and singing all at once, which seems to have worked against her in this case. Her only claim to fame thus far is a foreign film no one heard of (Flodder) and a one-hit wonder dance track 10 years ago. Her best bet to achieve US glory would be to reestablish herself as a singer, as that has been her most successful of the three, at least where the United States is concerned. With young pop acts fizzling out, she could offer a more mature, contemporary feel to the music scene.


Ttatjana simic is the quintessential beauty queen, the hot surfer babe mixed with an exotic blend of sophistication and European class. She may even be too perfect - the kind of woman we’d be too intimidated to approach, which is understandable, given her sleek, well-proportioned figure, free-flowing blonde locks, and sumptuous lips. And although tatjana simic has some minor facial scars from a 1982 car crash, she’s still flawless. It’s almost as if tatjana simic were specifically designed to sport barely-there outfits. On any given Internet search, you’ll find her donning the shortest skirts, the highest heels, and the most transparent blouses; not that anyone is complaining. She’s comfortable showing off her sizzling body, and we’re comfortable allowing her to do so. American designers would be wise to snatch her up for a few ad campaigns, as she’s a seasoned pro who won’t cost a Cindy Crawford-like mint. More importantly, she can wear anything to perfection and will make the label that much sexier.