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Salma Hayek turned heads in Hollywood in the movie Desperado. But this young actress did not just come out of no where. Salma Hayek was born and raised in her native country of Mexico some 27 years ago. Salma first role was in the telenovela Nuevo Amanecer, which led to the starring role in Teresa. For the title role in Teresa, Salma received various awards such as the “Premio TV y Novela” and the “Heraldo,” Mexico’s Emmy. But soap stardom wasn’t enough for Salma.


So the actress left everything in Mexico to start all over again in the US. Starting all over meant, learning a new language and giving up her cushy lifestyle. Salma’s persistance quickly payed off when she began to land small roles on many sitcoms. Early US roles included guest spots on Nurses, SinBand & Dream On. Soon came a small role in Alison Ander’s Mi Vida Loca, nothing memorable but when the film’s poster came out a very predominant photo of Salma is seen.


Salma did not forget her roots when she came to the US. Shortly afterwards, came a starring role in Road Racers, which was part of Showtime’s Rebel Highway series, and was directed by Robert Rodriguez. She went back to Mexico to make a cameo appearence in the epic mini-series El Vuelo Del Aguila, and starred in the film El Callejon de Los Milagros, which has yet to be released in the US. Then came Salma’s big break, a starring role opposite Spanish actor Antonio Banderas in director Robert Rodirguez’s sequel to El Mariachi, Desperado.


Soon Salma earned roles in numerous films, including Fair Game, Four Rooms, she stole the show with her vampire antics in the Quentin Tarentino/Robert Rodriguez film From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, & can be seen in the current film Fled. Upcoming roles for Salma will include the starring role in Breaking Up with Russel Crowe. This film has yet to find a distributor, so it may be awhile until we see it. But in the meantime Salma will be starring in Fools Rush In with Friends star Matthew Perry, and will play the role of Esmeralda in TNT’s version of Hunchback Of Notre Dame. Salma already had experience for that role since she did the voice of Esmeralda in Disney’s Spanish version of the film, El Jorabado de Notre Dame.