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Nina was born on November 12, 1975 in Ramat Yishai, Israel to a Russian father & Chinese mother. Her parents were Jewish and emigrated from Russia to Israel for religious freedom. This unique ethnicity accounts for her exotic beauty with her subtle almond eyes and her pale porcelain skin. She was raised in Israel by her mother, along with a brother & sister.


In 1990, Nina was discovered by Itsik Mor and introduced to Yaron Kaiser, an agent & photographer in Israel. Yaron saw potential in her, and made an attempt to mold Nina into a sophisticated worldly lady. Nina proved unmanageable for Yaron though, and he eventually gave up trying to tame Nina, dropping her.


Nina’s true triumph soon followed. According to legend, Nina was discovered a few years later while sleeping on a park bench in Tel-Aviv. She was a homeless & penniless runaway at the time. A photographer noticed her, and offered her assistance in exchange for the opportunity to take pictures of her. Weeks later, Nina’s image was plastered all over the city! Upon her discovery, Nina Brosh was rechristianed with the name “Vic” - That is all.


Nina’s popularity increased in Israel, where she is still known by “Vic". Nina & her representation began looking for broader success, first going to New York, and then finally finding real success in Paris. Her modeling gradually increased, and she began to appear on runways and magazine editorials. She also started to get advertising work, including work for Dim lingerie, Evian, Byblos, Givenchy, among others. Most likely, her tattoos hindered her work - specifically the one on her arm (seen above), which is rarely exposed in editorials, and often airbrushed out when it is. (It had even been covered with makeup for runway shows!).


Nina’s modeling work has gradually dwindled, though she still appears from time to time. She was featured in bebe’s high profile ads for two seasons (1997-1998) and has made sporadic appearances in magazines and advertisement since that time. She briefly pursued acting - there were reports of her having roles in “The Fifth Element” and “Star Wars prequel: Phantom Menace” during the making of these films, which for whatever reasons fell through. (In “The Fifth Element", she was up for Sibyl Buck’s part, but apparently they dropped her because she refused to dye her hair - the Sybil wore a wig!). Nina did end up starring in an independent film in a movie entitled “Hollywood Salome” (see below). She has also appeared in commercials for Israeli products, including popular tea manufacturer Wissotzky.


Even more recently, Nina has declared semi-retirement from modelling. She has moved back to Israel and settled into a villa in the wealthy city of Kfar Smaryahu. There, with her boyfriend Assi Salev, she has begun a family becoming pregnant with her first child. She has also been putting energy into re-educating herself, focusing on a possible medical career. Here’s to hoping that Nina’s retirement from modelling is short-lived, and that she continues to bless us with her beautiful visage for many years to come!