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Moonmoon Sen was born on 28 March 1948 .She is an Indian film actress and the daughter of Suchitra Sen. She is the mother of actresses Raima Sen and Riya Sen.


Moon Moon Sen is happily married since circa 1976-1978 to Bharat Dev Varma, a member of the royal family of the erstwhile Tripura state. (Her late mother-in-law Ila Devi was the princess of Cooch Behar, whose younger sister Gayatri Devi is the Maharani of Jaipur.


Moon Moon and Bharat Dev Varma have two daughters Raima (b. 1979) and Riya (b. 1981) who are established models and actresses in their own right.


Moon Moon Sen has appeared in 60 films and 40 TV serials, making her debut in Andar Bahar (1984). Her daring role in that film apparently created a storm of controversy.


She has appeared in many Bengali regional films as well as Hindi films. She was a staple of the Bengali film industry, starring in many hit films. She eventually got offers to star in Bollywood films.


Moon Moon Sen has acted in a number of films in other regional languages like Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada as well as Marathi movies. Her performance in the Telugu film Sirivennela is possibly her best performance till date.


She has also acted in some television serials as well as a couple of Bengali tele-films.


Moon Moon Sen is part of a three generational family (mother to daughter to granddaughters) who have all become actors, something that is rare in Indian cinema or even in world cinema.