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Monique was born and grew up in Volendam, a village famous because of the fish, the dykes and small houses. It is one of the last places in the Netherlands where they still wear the traditional costume and use the old dialect. Monique completed her education with a course in International Management in Amsterdam and is currently working as a fashion buyer and model.


Her ambition is to be an International Buyer and start her own fashion company. Interests are: Travelling, body pump, working out in the gym, drawing, swimming and dancing the Salsa. Favourite food is Thai and her proudest moment was when she made a parachute jump out of an airplane at 4000 meters. Her personal motto would be “Don’t worry, be happy. Try to get as much as possible out of your life".


Other Details


Voting Number: MW211
Age: 23
Occupation: Fashion Buyer and Model
Height: 173