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Moana-Sarann was born and grew up in Fort de France, the capital of Martinique. A paradise island with wonderful white sandy beaches and many rivers and waterfalls. It is rich in history with an exceptional melting-pot of Indian, Chinese, Caribbean - all contributing to the island’s culture. Having completed her education gaining Diploma’s in Art and Literature, she is currently Artistic Director for a West Indies Fashion Magazine and a TV Host. She has also been an Artistic Director for 1 year on a Music Video production in Paris. Her ambition is to produce and host an international TV Show.


Growing up in a very artistic family has made her sensitive to art, dance, theatre, cinema, music literature and fashion; she is also a very keen traveller. Other interests are: body attack, golf, home decorating and design. Favourite food is; tropical fruit and Sea Food; especially lobster! Her motto is simple it’s “Smile to the life".


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Voting Number: MW408
Age: 24
Occupation: Artistic Director
Height: 174