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Leonora was born and brought up in Santa Ana a town in Costa Rica, although a small country it is rich in natural beauty, tradition, culture and is renowned for the warmth of its people. On completing elementary high school, she was in the national top 20 in her college entrance exam, her dream is to become a nutritionist. Besides studying, she has been modelling since 15, and has worked as a Park Ranger in the Maquel Antonio National Park.


Hobbies include: Reading, aerobics, dancing Salsa, merengue, pop and jazz, she also enjoys extreme sports and was the national karate champion in 1995. Leonora loves animals, she has seven dogs, a squirrel, a monkey, some doves and a toucan. Her personal motto would be “Six times I fell down, seven times I got up".


Other Details


Voting Number: MW506
Age: 22
Occupation: Student / Model
Height: 181