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Jade Cerisa Lorraine Goody (born June 5, 1981 in Bermondsey, London) is a British celebrity. She is often held by some as a prime example of the growing cult of celebrity - being made arbitrarily famous by the entertainment industry, and becoming a household name due to constant publicity and exposure in glossy magazines. Jade Goody is what has become known as a "nonebrity".


Jade first became known to the public when she was a contestant on the third series of the British version of the reality television series Big Brother, where she was the 10th person to be evicted. Since then, she has appeared almost constantly in celebrity, trivia, and gossip-oriented magazines such as Heat and OK!.


In 2003 Jade Goody television appearances included Celebrity Wife Swap, alongside Charles Ingram, and Celebrity Driving School. Goody has an on-off relationship with TV presenter Jeff Brazier, who is the father of her two sons.


She came fourth in the 100 Worst Britons poll by Channel 4.


Since being evicted from Big Brother, Jade Goody has gone on to make a fortune of an estimated £3.5 million.


On June 6, 2003 she gave birth to a son, Bobby Jack Brazier, who was born a month early, weighing 5lb 7oz. Her second son, Freddie, was born in September 2004. He weighed 6lbs 6oz and was also born one month early.


Goody went Back To Reality on five with former Big Brother contestants Nick Bateman and Craig Phillips in 2004. She also appeared in Channel 4’s Big Brother Panto in Christmas 2004.


In September 2005 she opened a beauty salon, Ugly’s, in Hertford. The preparations for opening the salon were filmed for a Living TV series, Jade’s Salon.


Jade Goody’s fame may be also due in part due to various quotes portraying her as being extremely uneducated and ignorant, and a symbol of British chav culture. She is therefore a perfect representative for the perceived attitudes of the British public towards deliberate apathy, trivia, and dumbing down.