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The fusion-generated funk of Incubus finds its release in the combination of five young creative forces. Brought together as youths in Calabasas, Calif., the founding members of the newest free-form funk band began their groove in high school. Lead singer and percussionist Brandon Boyd met drummer Jose Pasillas in elementary school.


In middle school, the two friends and future musicians met their guitarist Mike Einziger. However, it wasn’t until the 10th grade, when the trio met their bassist, Alex Katunich, that they decided to form a band. Despite their age, the band wasted no time getting their music heard. Making use of their surroundings, Incubus began promoting themselves in and around L.A. The band played parties, all-age clubs and even the Roxy on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.


In 1995, after seeing Incubus play at a party, hip-hop rapper DJ Lyfe (Gavin Koppel) approached the band about incorporating some of his tracks into their music. Following the only trial jam session, DJ Lyfe joined the band and added yet another dimension to Incubus’ already energetic and rhythmic sound.


Incubus soon grabbed the attention of several major labels with their adrenaline-driven shows, unique style and the following they had created with their determined self-promotion. Immortal Records beat the other labels to Incubus’ door and won them over by recognizing the band’s need to remain a touring band.


Enjoy Incubus is the band’s first EP, produced by Fourth Street’s Jim Wirt. Released in January of ‘97, Enjoy Incubus contains six previously recorded demos (sold exclusively at their shows) that have been remixed in the studio. The band’s full-length EP, S.C.I.E.N.C.E., was also produced by Jim Wirt, who was now familiar with the band’s interest in experimentation with sound. “He helps us come up with strange stuff and he likes what we do. He doesn’t try to change what we do, he tries to enhance it,” says guitarist Einziger. S.C.I.E.N.C.E. was released in July of ‘97.


As well as completing several mini-tours in support of Enjoy Incubus, the band has also played in Europe. Incubus accompanied Korn on their 1997 European tour, where they were well received by an audience of 5,000 in Paris. Describing the show, Boyd said, “We had never played in front of a crowd that big, and the response we got far exceeded any response we’ve ever gotten. To play in front of a crowd that has no idea who you are, and then you start playing and they understand the energy of it and start freaking out, it’s quite an experience.”


Incubus’ success has taken them directly to the source of their influences. The band recently opened for Primus, one of the bands that inspired them. They have also supported headliners Sublime, 311 and Unwritten Law.