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Gagan Ajit Singh is one of the mainstays of the present Indian hockey          team. Born on December 9, 1980, at Ferozepore, Punjab is a field hockey striker from India, Gagan Ajit          developed a passion for the game at an early age since both his father,          Ajit Singh, and uncle, Harmik Singh, were former Olympians of repute.


A fleet-footed centre-forward, Gagan Ajit made his first impression on          the national circuit scoring a record 27 goals in the 1997 Junior          Nationals for the Air-India Academy. Carrying on the good work, he also          emerged as the highest scorer for Air-India in the all-India Gurmit          Singh tournament and the Jawaharlal Nehru tournament in 1997.


Making his debut in 1997 during a test series against Russia, Singh himself competed for his native country at the 2000 and the 2004 Summer Olympics, where India finished in seventh place on both occasions. Since that last tournament, Singh is playing in the Netherlands, for HC Klein Zwitserland in the highest league named Hoofdklasse, alongside his fellow countryman Dilip Tirkey.


Riding on this goal-spree Gagan earned his place in the national team          and promptly announced his arrival at the big stage by scoring in his          debut match against Trinidad & Tobago at the 1998 Commonwealth Games          in Kuala Lumpur. Since then Gagan Ajeet has become a regular feature in          the Indian frontline.


In 2001, Gagan Ajit led the Indian junior squad to a fabulous triumph at          the Junior World Cup held at Hobart, Australia. Gagan was named in the          All-Asian men’s hockey team in 2002 after the 14th Asian Games held in          Busan, South Korea.


Gagan Ajit was awarded the Arjuna Award in 2003.