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Eun-Young was born and raised in Seoul, the capital of Korea. This is a country of traditional and modern culture. It is also known for hosting the Olympic Games in 1988. Eun-Young has always been interested in art; her dream is to be a fashion designer. She started to learn fine art in middle school, and went on to major in design at University.


So far she has twice submitted logo designs, both are being used, one was for a TV production company, and feels very proud when she sees the logo on TV. Enjoying travel and extreme sports, she backpacked by bike across Southern Korea; this has given her the opportunity to see her country and gain a lot of confidence. She also loves listening and playing the Korean traditional fiddle and eating ‘Doenjang soup’. Eun-Young is looking forward with passion and dreams to the challenges of life.


Other Details


Voting Number: MW108
Age: 20
Occupation: Student
Height: 172