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Emily Alexander’s Info
Vital Stats: 36D-24-34
Height: 5′8″
Weight: 125lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
From: California


Print Work: Playboy, Playboy’s College Girls Of The Atlantic Coast Playboy’s Sexy College Girls
T.V./Film Work: Nash Bridges, Bedazzled, The Wedding Planner


This Diva, while always possessing an admiration for famous models, while she was young, she never quite pictured herself as one. All that changed, while when shopping at one of Southern California’s most prestigious shopping centers, a photographer spotted her, and informed her of the potential he saw. Suddenly, modeling became something Emily wanted to do and she began planning for a career in it. The ensuing years Emily competed in Swimsuit contests, but her biggest competition was yet to come.


Learning that Playboy would be conducting their Playmate search for 2000, this determined Diva set her sites on The Big Bunny Bus. Scant weeks afterwards, Playboy called! Emily was so surprised she called Playboy to make sure it was them who called her and not just a friend having fun with her! While the call wasn’t for a centerfold, it gave Emily some great opportunities. She got to work with the legardary rockers, KISS and this appeared in Playboy’s March 1999 Issue.


It didn’t take long for Playboy to call Emily again. This time it was for one of their famed newstand specials, this being College Girls Of The Atlantic Coast. Things did not stop there for this rising star, however. The year also included becoming a finalist in the Venus Swimwear competition and appearances on several episodes of the popular CBS series Nash Bridges.


Emily has also had some film appearnaces as well, doing background work for Bedazzled, which starred Elizabeth Hurley. She also had a small part in the Jennifer Lopez vehicle, The Wedding Planner, as well as doing more background work. Ok, so you want photos. I’ll give you photos. I will, in fact give you some of the hottest photos of this bodacious blonde, you’ll ever lay on youe eyes on! Each one will one in seperate window so you won’t place.