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Dafne was born and raised in Mexico City. It is a City with an amazing cultural and historical background, it also has a reputation for its diverse cuisine. Having just completed her diploma in Interior Design at University Dafne is currently enjoying her year as Miss Mexico and catwalk modelling.


At the age of 9 she trained with her father to climb the Popcatepetl (a volcano close to Mexico City), although due to the weather on the day of the climb they did not reach the summit, it taught her about knots and ropes, the silent language of nature, the weather, and to appreciate the time spent with her father. Hobbies include: acting, reading poetry, modern, jazz and traditional Mexican dances, Horseback riding and nature walks. Her motto is “With strength and enthusiasm I will make things happen".


Other Details


Voting Number: MW511
Age: 23
Occupation: Representing her country
Height: 180