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Courteney Bass Cox was born June 15, 1964 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.
Courteney is the fourth child of Richard (born in 1930) and Courteney (*1934) Cox. She has one brother, Richard, two sisters (Virginia respectively Dottie Pickett) and nine half-siblings. Courteney’s parents divorced when she was ten. She stayed with her mother who married businessman Hunter Copeland (*1918) in 1976. Her father, a building contractor, moved to Florida where he remarried in 1975.


After graduation from the Mountain Brook High School in Birmingham (1982) she began to study architecture/interior decoration at the Mount Vernon College in Washington. In the summer holidays she went to New York where she was subsequently signed by the Ford modeling agency. After some shoots for magazines like Teen Beat and Young Miss, and for romance-novel covers she started working in television commercials for Maybelline, Noxzema and the New York Telephone Company, among other sponsors.


Courteney made her acting debut in 1984 on the daytime soap “As the World Turns", and later that same year, she was casted by Brian de Palma for Bruce Springsteen’s video “Dancing in the Dark". After the video which probably opened Courteney some doors for her acting career later, Courteney hosted a music show called “This Week’s Music". She also worked in 1984 at F.B.I. (Frontier Booking International) a concert booking agency in New York run by Ian Copeland (brother of Stewart of the Police) and a cousins of Cox’s.
You think I don’t get up and check my nose hairs every morning"Courteney Cox on being a neat freak.


Courteney Cox is a total neat-freak and a mother hen to her friends. Monica Geller is a total neat-freak and a mother hen to her Friends. But Courteney doesn’t care. “The character’s neat, capable, controlling. So I’m like Monica. Big whoop.” She even cooks like her character, a chef.. Former boyfriend Michael Keaton (they broke up in 1995) gave her a six-ring professional stove as a present in 1992.


Her hobby is renovating homes and she’s moved five times in eight years, each time selling the house full of her own paintings and carpentry for a profit. She even does the electrical wiring and once made an office desk.


A native of Birmingham, Alabama, at 17 she moved to New York to become a model as a leg-up into acting. But modelling wasn’t her thing. “I was short, had baby fat and didn’t have the model attitude,” she said in an interview last year.


In her teens she made her mark in two different attention grabbing ways. She has the honour of being the first person to say the word “period” in an ad for tampons on American TV, at the age of 19. And she was chosen to be the girl pulled from the audience to dance with Bruce Springsteen in his “Dancing in the Dark” video.
She then landed a job on Family Ties as Michael J. Fox’s girlfriend, which she once described as “like being at sitcom school” Of her motion-picture credits, Cox starred in the recent hit thriller Scream and spent part of her recent summer hiatus filming the sequel, “Scream II.”


Cox also had a starring role opposite comedian Jim Carrey in the box- office hit “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.” Her other feature films include “Commandments,” “Down Twisted,” “Masters of the Universe,” “Cocoon: The Return, Shaking the Tree,” “Mr. Destiny” and “Blue Desert.” On stage, she starred with Michael Spound in “King of Hearts” at the Tiffany Theater in Los Angeles. She has been linked with Christian Slater (she insists they’re just friends), Scream co-star David Arquette and even American man of letters Gore Vidal, as well as being said to be still holding a torch for Michael Keaton. Another rumour has her in a relationship with co-star Jennifer Aniston’s ex Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz.


She loves to help people, whether they like it or not. When Liam Neeson moved to LA to film Darkman in 1990, Courteney, who knew him through a mutual friend, helped him find a house, decorate and even made him meals to heat when he got home from shooting. “She made me feel blessed,” he said.


Courteneys Story


A native of Birmingham, AL, Courteney Cox moved to New York City after her graduation from high school and was subsequently signed by the Ford modeling agency. Shortly thereafter, she started working in television commercials for Maybelline, Noxema and the New York Telephone Company, among other sponsors. In 1984 Cox made her acting debut in the daytime drama “As the World Turns.” Later that year she appeared in Bruce Springsteen’s music video “Dancing in the Dark.”


She was cast by director Brian DePalma to portray the young fan Springsteen pulls out of the audience to be his dance partner. Cox’s most memorable television series role was her portrayal of Lauren, Alex P. Keaton’s (Michael J. Fox) girlfriend on “Family Ties.” Her other television credits include regular series roles on “Misfits of Science” and “The Trouble with Larry” as well as guest-starring parts on such hits as “Murder, She Wrote,” NBC’s “Seinfeld” and the cable series “Dream On.” She has starred in several television movies, including “Prize Pulitzer,” “Battling for Baby” and “Curiosity Kills,” as well as in the mini-series “Till We Meet Again,” based on Judith Krantz’s best-selling novel. Cox was born on a June 15 And She lives in Los Angeles