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Claire was born and brought up in Aberystwyth, a picturesque university seaside town on the very west coast of Mid Wales, it is the home to the National Library of Wales and His Royal Highness, Prince Charles attended university there. Claire has 11 GCSE’s and a Diploma in Sports Therapy, it is her dream to represent Wales in the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi in the woman’s marathon event, her ambition is to promote sport and its benefits and coach the younger generation as soon as she has gained her coaching qualifications.


She has already won many International championship titles. Her hobbies are: Reading, shopping, travelling, listening to disco music, running, swimming, athletics, and cross country and road running. One of the most unusual things Claire has done was when she was in Australia she had to drive her boss all over Sydney (the company laid wooden floors) in a wagon for which he had lost the keys so she had to start it up by touching two wires together. Her personal motto would be “If you want to realise your dreams and ambitions, work hard as success is never just handed to you also its all the more satisfying when you know you have prepared well to reap that reward".


Other Details


Voting Number: MW220
Age: 22
Occupation: Representing Wales
Height: 167