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Subimal Chuni Goswami was born on January 15, 1938, Kishoregunj, Bengal. His playing position in the team is stirker .


He Led the Indian team to gold at the 1962 Asian Games in Jakarta; Arjuna Award in 1963; Padma Shri in 1983.


During the golden era of Indian football, Chuni Goswami was one of the mainstays of the national team. Goswami started his professional career with the Mohun Bagan Club in 1954 having graduated through the junior outfit of the club.


The highpoint of Chuni Goswami’s career was the football gold at the 1962 Asian Games in Jakarta. In the final, the Goswami-led team defeated South Korea 2-1, with goals coming from P.K. Banerjee and Jarnail Singh.


Goswami captained the Mohun Bagan team from 1960 to 1964. During his stint, the club did exceedingly well in various national competitions including the prestigious Durand Cup.