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A Southern belle, brooke burns was born in Dallas, Texas, on October 28th, 1977. The middle child of three siblings, Burns learned solid family values from her supportive parents. brooke burns mother encouraged her from a young age to pursue her dream, which, since kindergarten, was to become a ballet dancer.


Unfortunately, a serious ski accident stopped brooke burns’ dreams in their tracks; brooke burns was unable to perform the flexible moves needed to become a top tier dancer. Mrs. Burns, convinced of her daughter’s unique talents, sent her to do some modeling as a solid back-up plan. At 16 years old, brooke burns began to appear in European and American fashion magazines, already a recognizable face and still in high school.


The photo lens was soon traded in for the video camera, when brooke burns started hamming it up in commercials for Mug Root Beer and popular restaurants. brooke burns appearances translated into a successful audition for Out of the Blue, a show filmed on location at Sea World, in Orlando, Florida. After her moderate success in Florida, Burns decided a change was in order. brooke burns decided to move to Los Angeles, where opportunities for budding actresses seemed to be readily available. Soon after, brooke burns auditioned for a role on Baywatch and while she didn’t get the part, she was eventually called back to fill a permanent role as Jessie Owens.


It was her big break. After developing a cult following on Baywatch and Baywatch Hawaii, brooke burns decided to leave the show at age 22 when she discovered that she was pregnant. The father was recent hubby Julian McMahon of the WB show, Charmed. In addition to her Baywatch role, Burns appeared in several episodes of Ally McBeal, where she played a fictional character in Calista Flockhart’s delusions.


After baby Madison was born in 2000, brooke burns turned toward movies and took a small yet significant role in the 2001 comedy Shallow Hal, where she played a woman whose inner beauty transforms her into a goddess. Her next big opportunity came after appearing in a celebrity edition of Fear Factor, where brooke burns leapt on top of a speeding double-decker bus.


Producers from NBC were impressed with her charisma and sense of adventure, and asked her to sign on as host of a new reality show/game show called Dog Eat Dog. brooke burns readily took the position and has enjoyed great Nielsen ratings since its recent debut. Although her accomplishments are not walk-of-fame worthy, brooke burns has the wit and looks to last a long time on screen, whether it’s small or silver. With her marriage over after some apparent issues with her husband’s fidelity, we only hope she can remain on stable ground and continue to impress us with her, umm, hosting skills…