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Name: Baz Luhrmann                                                               
Birth name: Mark Anthony Luhrmann                                                 
Born: 17 September 1962 Herons Creek, New South Wales, Australia                 
Baz Luhrmann (born Mark Anthony Luhrmann on September 17, 1962) is an Oscar and   
Golden Globe-nominated Australian film director, screenwriter, and producer. His 
films are distinguished by their flamboyant theatricality and oversaturated       
Luhrmann was raised in Herons Creek, a tiny rural settlement in northern New     
South Wales, where his father ran a petrol station and a movie theatre, both of   
which would influence his son's filmmaking career. He attended St. Joseph's       
Hasting Regional School, Port Macquarie 1975-1978 and Narrabeen High School. His 
nickname was given to him due to a perceived resemblance to the character Basil   
Luhrmann married Catherine Martin, the production designer on all of his films,   
on January 26, 1997. They have two children, Lillian Amanda Luhrmann and William 
Alexander Luhrmann.                                                               
Luhrmann received Directors Guild of America and Golden Globe nominations for     
Best Director - Motion Picture for his work on Moulin Rouge!, but did not         
receive an Oscar nomination for directing. He did receive an Oscar nomination     
for Best Picture.