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Anna Faris is not a very well known actress by name at least. I have asked many people “Do you think Anna Faris is hot?” and my usual response is “who?". Then I say “that black haired chick from Scary Movie". Its most bizarre that her name is nmot that well knwon even thoguh she has starred in two hilarious movies. One grossing in a 140 million (Scary Movie) and yet people still are not quite sure who she is. Anna was born on November 29th in the year of our country’s bicentienial 1976.


She lived in the city of Seattle. Anna has always loved acting. At the age of 9 Anna started her career by staring a series of commercials and in a seriers of theatrical perfomances in her home town. She ever made money when she did a performance at Seattle’s Repertory Theatre. She really loved acting and thus her career began. In highschool shewas involved in the theatre arts and was the lead character for her senior year Winter Drama “William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet” After highscholol Anna went to the University of Washinghton she graduated in English literiture.


Anna then moved to london and decided to work and write she then filmed the movie “Lover’s Lane” and a short film called “Skanks” and then she decided that she wanted to give acting a full try and thus she went to Los Angelas. There she found an angent and then a little script called “Scary Movie” flew into her mists and so she sent an audition tape to Kennan Ivoy Wayans and thus she got the part and was launched into fame. Anna has also starred in a independent film called “Saphron Burrows” and just recently came out in the the sequel to Scary Movie, Scary Movie 2. Anna has a promising career and she will become a great actress of our generation.