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Angelie Almendare is a statuesque 5-foot, 8-inch, 117-pound brunette bombshell, actress, supermodel, and cyberbabe ( a perfect blend of French, Spanish and Irish heritage! Ooo La La - she’s hot-hot-hot!! Born and raised on a small cattle farm in Fontana, California, a suburb east of Los Angeles, Angelie was a tomboy growing up along with a brother, and three step brothers. “It’s hard to believe, but true” she recalls.


“I built forts, rode bikes, played in the dirt and climbed all the trees,” she says. No Barbie Dolls for this babe! Angelie’s acting career began at a young age after she lost a local beauty contest. A casting director, who happened to be judging the event, signed her to appear in a CBS Special called “Not My Kid.” Soon after, she was cast as Annette Funicello’s daughter in a Disney TV movie-of-the-week. Her parents however, fearing acting would have a negative impact on the young girl’s life, pulled Angelie out of the film. Heartbroken, Angelie withdrew for sometime yet still holding on to her daydreams of future stardom.


Several years later, a friend nominated Angelie for her school’s"Sweetheart Princess". “I won! I couldn’t believe it!” Winning had restored her confidence. She became a cheerleader, joined leadership groups, was elected School Treasurer and even became “Sweetheart Queen".


Since moving to Hollywood about five years ago to pursue acting full-time, Angelie has steadily built her television credits to include such popular shows as “Baywatch","Baywatch Nights", “Dave’s World", “Renegade", “Sabrina the Teenage Witch", “Profiler", “Married with Children", “Pacific Blue", and “Murder One.” On film, Angelie has been featured in “Barb Wire", “Spawn", and “Six Gun Women". She has also body doubled for well-known actress Tia Carrere, on film.


Not only has Angelie caught the attention of the Television and film industry, but she is also in constant demand for eye popping glamour posters, calendars, magazine covers, corporate sponsored special events, fashion brochures, catalogs, trading cards, music CD covers, videos, and for personal appearances worldwide.


Angelie’s sizzling calendar “Que Buena!", is one of the most sought after items available on her web site ( Shot at exotic locations around the world, her 16-month calendar captures Angelie’s beauty in a glamorous, tantalizing, and sexy yet tasteful, fashion. The rich backdrops and vibrant living colors, make this limited edition calendar of Angelie, a true collector’s item for years to come!!


With her voluptuous curves, friendly smile, alluring eyes, boundless energy, and vitality, Angelie has emerged as a natural in front of the camera lens, and well-known Internet personality. Over the past six years now, Angelie’s on-line cyberbiz has snowballed from a place to post her resume and photos, into a booming business. “I’ve had many fans before I began my web site from my personal appearances and Television shows, but now things have just exploded, and continue to grow worldwide which is so very exciting. With the internet, I now have a way to share my life and career, with many people around the world". she adds. “This is a great way to keep in touch with my fans". Her web site “” is jam packed with thousands of super sexy photo galleries, contests, giveaways, autographed merchandise, behind-the-scenes photos, movie clips, desktop images, her full biography, personal interviews, latest news, and much more. Keep your eye out for this hot rising star!