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Name: Perkin Warbeck                                                               
Born: 1474                                                                         
Died: 23 November 1499                                                             
Perkin Warbeck (1474 - 23 November 1499) was a pretender to the English throne     
during the reign of King Henry VII of England. Traditional belief claims that he   
was an impostor, pretending to be Richard of Shrewsbury, 1st Duke of York, the     
younger son of King Edward IV of England, but was in fact a Fleming born in       
Tournai around 1474. The "Perkin Warbeck" of the traditional tale was claimed to   
be the son of a French official, John de Werbecque and Katherine de Faro.         
Since the exact circumstances of Richard of Shrewsbury's death have not been       
established beyond complete proof of doubt (although most historians believe he   
did indeed die in 1483), Warbeck's claim gathered some followers whether due to   
actual belief in his bloodline, or because of the desire to overthrow Henry and   
reclaim the throne. However, most historical accounts have frequently mentioned   
that Warbeck cost Henry VII over £13,000, putting a strain on Henry’s weak     
financial state.